Last date of application is 25th April 2022.




MSAT (Secondary) is one of the premier management entrance scholarship examinations in the country. It supports the qualified management aspirants to pursue an education in IIM's. MSAT (Secondary) examination provides a platform of support to all IIM aspirants by granting them scholarships on qualifying it to pursue management education.

It is also one of the most popular scholarship examinations among management students in the country. It is purely a merit-based examination. It is conducted on a national level every year.

Though MSAT is beneficial for all management students, it is, especially, very helpful to all those deserving management students who come from the weak economic background.

The initiative behind the national level merit scholarship scheme is to provide financial assistance to all meritorious and deserving management students to realize their dream of pursuing management education.

Now, management students can feel assured of realizing their dream by participating in MSAT (Secondary) - 2021 examination, which will help them in getting full tuition fees for study in any IIM’s and other top most Govt. approved Management colleges across the country.

This exam provides the management students a platform of support to study management courses in any IIM of the country.

MSAT (Secondary) gives wing to the deserving and meritorious students, who wish to fly higher and higher in the field of management education. What we desire is that you believe in yourself and let us handle the finances for you. What we desire is that you earn the assistance so that you could write your own future.

MSAT provides the following five benefits to Management students:

A national platform of scholarship

An opportunity to study in IIM college across the country and avail full tuition fee on qualifying MSAT-2021

A relief from the burden of heavy expenses on management education.

A gateway for management aspirants to study in IIM.

A standard parameter to test the merit of management students also.

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