Last date of application is 25th April 2022.




1. The applicants, who are applying for MSAT (Secondary) and qualify in the examination with rank up to 2600 in MSAT (Secondary), have to register after completion of admission process for getting scholarship on MSAT (Secondary) online. Scholarship would be provided after completion of admission process in any of IIMs. 

2. In about 2nd or 3rd week of October, applicants have to register for scholarship i.e. they have to apply for registration which will be announced on 2nd or 3rd week of October 2021 on the website The duration of applying for registration will be 2 weeks only.

3. Applicants will receive scholarship in the month of December in their own/personal active bank accounts only. During registration of scholarship, applicants have to mention their own bank accounts details.

4. For getting scholarship, applicants must have their own active bank accounts.


Awarded Students

For studying at 1000 AIEESE Participating Institutes.












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