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About MBA in Business Analytics

MBA in Business Analytics is a 2-year postgraduate course with a dual-focus course-curriculum. The course not only educates students in the skills and techniques involved in analytics bus also focuses on the development of managerial skills in a candidate.

At present, Business Analytics is one of the most commonly spoken phrases among corporate organisations and businesses across the globe. Business Analytics essentially refers to the processes and techniques which are responsible for converting data into knowledge and insights that in turn drive business decisions. Owing to the popularity of Business Analytics in the corporate world, a specialisation of the same in the course of MBA has been in popular demand too. An MBA in Business Analytics helps candidates in acquiring knowledge and expertise on numerous analytical tools and ultimately using them to collect and analyse data for the generation of business

intelligence and also for the support of different functional areas in an organisation. The course of MBA in Business Analytics extensively utilises explanatory and predictive modeling, statistical and quantitative analysis, fact-based management and much more.

Some other aspects that are taught in the two years-long programme of MBA in Business Analytics include getting to learn about business metrics and delivery, data visualisation, performance management, etc. The course provides students with a comprehensive combination of managerial and technical coursework that is needed for dealing with the future challenges in the data-driven global environment which functions entirely on technology. Nowadays, Business Analytics is being used for everything, be it solving complex business problems or simulating sporting contests.

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